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Halloween Photo Contest Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Halloween Photo Contest! First of all though, let us thank all participants for their unique and surprising photos, some of them scary, some of them funny! Our team has worked hard to browse through over a hundred pictures and believe us, this was no easy task when so much effort has been put into it.

This has been a fun event, which shows that even during difficult times and lockdowns, we can all still have great fun. If you have missed this Photo Contest, don’t worry, in the future we might have even more contests similar to this one and not only on Halloween!

Now let’s go to the best part, where we congratulate our champions:

1’st place:

Melanie Boyle

2’nd place:

Timothy Young
Leonor Pichon
Beatrice Taylor

3’rd place:

Kaiden Jordan
Jay Ramsay
Alisha Walsh
Conor Burns
Carter Doyle

Again we congratulate all champions and those who took part in the Halloween Photo Contest. Our greatest hope is that they will enjoy their well deserved prizes!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Photo Contest Results

  1. The red mobility scoter and the blue racer would you be having. A January. Sale let me no and with solid wheels and 15 miles an hour cos I go on my holidays. About four or five. Times a year looking forward from hearing from you thank you

    1. We certainly will have many surprises in the 2021, many of which might surprise our clients! No solid wheels though, those are terribly uncomfortable on every little bump as they lack amortisation. Wouldn’t want to shake our customers too much ? 15 mph? Only for the EU countries, unless (and hopefully) the UK law changes ?

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