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ADVENA – New product in the Velobike ranks

23 December 2021

This December, a company called Veleco came up with something incredibly attractive.  They have designed an electric moped that is full-bodied, has a lot of modern gadgets and can carry up to three people. These solutions seemed so unique and practical that, as Velobike,  wanted to be the first to have a pleasure of having […]


Veleco wins second time – Quality International Trophy

1 December 2021

    Another trophy in our collection! Veleco wins. The Quality International Trophy is a nationwide project that aims to promote effective quality management methods in companies and institutions. We received this award for our timeless product FASTER, which is particularly popular among our satisfied customers. The Quality International Trophy is currently the largest cross-industry […]


Fastest Mobility Scooters in Velobike

22 November 2021

Novice mobility scooters users ask themselves the question about the fastest vehicles they can own. In this article we will try to explain the technical specifications and compare some of the most popular electric vehicles, because there is not much information about it on the web. At Velobike we have vast knowledge of our products […]


Which mobility scooters are best – Veleco Brand

25 August 2021

How to see if a mobility scooter is best? Doing research, of course, by reading reviews of customers, looking at top lists and finding information about awards. Veleco Brand is highly popular and not only in the United Kingdom but across whole Europe. If you wish to get a reliable vehicle, then this brand is definitely one that is worth consideration. Price wise the scooters are highly affordable and for multiple functions, the ease of use and the streamlined design, they are definitely one of favourites by any gentlemen and lady.


How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA? #infographic

16 August 2021

How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA is one of the most common questions asked by first time owners of the scooters. Doing our best to always explain the procedures, we have decided to offer an ever better solution. With this infographic below, the process will be explained in great detail for everyone.

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