Which mobility scooters are best – Veleco Brand

25 August 2021

How to see if a mobility scooter is best? Doing research, of course, by reading reviews of customers, looking at top lists and finding information about awards. Veleco Brand is highly popular and not only in the United Kingdom but across whole Europe. If you wish to get a reliable vehicle, then this brand is definitely one that is worth consideration. Price wise the scooters are highly affordable and for multiple functions, the ease of use and the streamlined design, they are definitely one of favourites by any gentlemen and lady.


How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA? #infographic

16 August 2021

How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA is one of the most common questions asked by first time owners of the scooters. Doing our best to always explain the procedures, we have decided to offer an ever better solution. With this infographic below, the process will be explained in great detail for everyone.


Electric Moped – Do you need a licence?

15 July 2021

Owners of Electric Mopeds often wonder about the need for a licence to use the vehicle on the road. As all electric means of transportation, electric mopeds follow a set of regulations which need to be met. Compared to electric bicycles, which do not require a licence, Electric Mopeds fall under the same category of requirements as regular mopeds.


The independent life of mobility scooter users #infographic

1 July 2021

Back in 2014, the trend of mobility scooters was researched by the Research Institute of Customer Affairs. The data about the market and its receivers proved how invaluable those mobility aids had become. The trend keeps true up to this day and as the mobility scooter's popularity keeps growing, future surveys might allow even better possibilities to gather invaluable research material.


Tackling any type of terrain on mobility scooter

19 June 2021

If you plan to tackle any terrain with mobility scooter, it is best to learn first which places definitely avoid. This post will detail everything, all the dangers of possible obstacles that might hinder or damage your mobility scooter.

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